Heart technology for a better connection

with yourself and others !

We are proudly presenting devices that help you to better connect with your heart and hearts of others. A simple idea and powerful concept are embedded in the unique HEART 2 HEART and HEARTheBEAT portable devices. They are innovative tools for (re)-establishing or intensifying a connection with our beating heart muscle.
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“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”
– Marshall McLuhan –

Areas of implementation

The main purpose of our connection devices is to help individuals to gain a greater connection with their own beating heart or with the heart of their partner.
A superb aid for meditative practices and a quick connection with yourself.
Listen to it, feel it and interact with it consciously. It is the most efficient existing method of relaxing yourself.
Our heartbeat is a great teacher and therapist. Its beating pattern directly responds moment to moment to what we are experiencing and what we are thinking.
Our connection devices enhance heart connection in mindfullness programs, anti-stress centers, wellness industry etc.

The HEART 2 HEART and the HEARTheBEAT connecting devices have a wide range of uses… read more

Heart 2 Heart session and its benefits

A mutual audio-visual experience of each others heartbeats in real-time.

Heartbeat session and its benefits

An audio-visual experience of your own heartbeat in real-time.

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